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ThieAudio Hype 4  2DD + 4BA In-Ear Monitor
  • ThieAudio Hype 4 2DD + 4BA In-Ear Monitor

    THIEAUDIO is excited to announce a fresh lineup of next-generation IEM’s: Hype (Hybrid Performance). Since our journey into the world of Hi-Fi audio, we have accomplished much and have grown tremendously with every new project. Every launch has taught us how to develop better sounding audio solutions, as well as develop and utilize new driver types. We are putting together all of our acquired knowledge into the new Hype series.


    As the name implies, the Hype series will integrate multiple transducer types that best demonstrate innovations in the field to bring together new IEM’s that excel in both technicalities and tonality. We promise that the Hype series will live up to its name. 


    The Hype 4 comes standard with a high-grade silver-plated OCC cable.  This upgrade in cable materials provides a little more clarity and refinement compared to the previous generation of THIEAUDIO’s cables. 

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