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64Audio Aspire 4 Universal Fit Four Driver IEM Earphone
  • 64Audio Aspire 4 Universal Fit Four Driver IEM Earphone

    Monitor your performance with 64 Audio's professional universal in-ear monitors (UIEM) specifically designed for musicians and live music professionals. Whether you're just getting into monitoring with in-ears, not ready for customs, need a backup set, or simply prefer generic fitting products Aspire 4 offers best-in-class sound and ergonomics.

    World Class Sound
    With live music at the forefront of our tuning criteria do we make a highly accurate unforgiving studio monitor or a contoured device that helps musicians hear themselves more effectively? As with many of our monitoring tools the answer is somewhere in the middle. Huge bass that can reproduce some of the toughest frequencies in the audible spectrum with quick ease. Forward mids that are precisely elevated for articulation in the most vital region of instruments and voices. Plenty of top end sparkle really separates Aspire 4 from any other UIEM in its class, making this powerful sound signature a perfect blend of accuracy and musicality.

    Color Black
    Molded ABS Shell
    Stainless Steel Nozzle
    Driver Configuration
    1 Low Dynamic Driver
    2 Mid Balanced Armature Drivers
    1 High Balanced Armature Driver
    Frequency Response
    20Hz - 18kHz
    11Ω @ 1kHz
    104dB @ 1kHz @1mw
    -20 dBIPX Cable
    48" Black - Detachable
    90 degree 3.5mm Jack
    Included Items
    Carry Case
    Foam + Silicone Ear Tips
    IPX Cable
    Cleaning Tool
    1/4" Adapter
    Shirt Clip

    Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun

    Beyond The Music contact :
    0813.7000.9002 / 0813.7000.6807

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