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Acoustune AS 2000 Portable USB DAC Dongle
  • Acoustune AS 2000 Portable USB DAC Dongle

    Acoustune AS2002 is designed with interchangeable cables, allowing users to switch between Lightning/USB-C cables freely, and provides 3.5mm / 4.4mm output plugs. The AS2002 also utilizes the hard-to-find AKM AK4493S decoder chip and a balanced 240mW output for perfect Acoustune sound!

    DAC Chips : AKM4493S
    PCM UAC2.0 : Supports 16/24/32 bit, 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192/358.2/384/705.6/768KHz
    PCM UAC1.0 : Supports 16bit, 44.1/48KHz
    DSD UAC2.0 : Suports 1x(DSD64)/ 2x(DSD128/4x (DSD256)/8x (DSD512)
    DSD Transfer Mode: Dop (DSD64/128/256), Native (DSD64/128/256/512)
    LED Indications:

    UAC2.0 : Yellow (PCM) *Standard, Purple (DSD)
    UAC1.0: White
    To switch: Hold+key to connect

    Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun

    Beyond The Music contact :

    0813.7000.9002 / 0813.7000.6807

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