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Acoustune RS One Single Dynamic Earphone
  • Acoustune RS One Single Dynamic Earphone

    “RS ONE”, the first product in the Acoustune new line “Monitor” series, is the brand’s first stage monitor earphone that has both high durability and monitoring performance. Hi-Fi Earphone A standard monitoring earphone designed with an emphasis on robustness and monitoring, which is important as a stage monitor, by utilizing the acoustic technology cultivated in the HS series and the knowledge cultivated in the 3D Custom Fit Shell ST1000 and ST300.

    In terms of practical use, it has a small body that can be worn by anyone while clearing parts that tend to cause problems such as broken spouts, damage to connectors and housings, and poor cable contact. The cable was designed to match the earphones and the earphone system, and the impedance was designed to match the cable.


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