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AROMA Audio A100TB Portable Headphone Earphone IEM Amplifier

AROMA Audio A100TB Portable Headphone Earphone IEM Amplifier

A100TB unlike A100, taking factors such as market change and the optimization of circuits etc. into consideration, A100TB gives up the flexibility in input/output and decides to support 4.4mm balanced input/output only, in order to ensure that the sound is not only clearer, but also comes with power and in 3D.

There has been fair improvements in the appearance and the manufacturing process of A100TB. Optimized structure and the improvement in the metal processing technologies will bring better user experience to the customers; Well-designed appearance also adds more delicacy and character to the product.

The power supply circuit of A100TB has been upgraded and optimized to a large extent. High current ultra-low noise constant voltage filter circuit is added to the power supply, controlling the ripple voltage at 20uV, and expanding the main filter energy storage capacity to 6800uF, supplying ultimate power to each unit as if it is directly supplied by batteries. Compared to A100, the power supply of A100TB has more powers and is much more pure, which is a qualitative leap.

Rated Power:
THD+N: 0.0006%@ 800mW 100Ω 1kHz
Resolution : 120dB @ 800mW 100Ω 1kHz

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