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Aune AR5000 Open Back Dynamic Driver Headphone
  • Aune AR5000 Open Back Dynamic Driver Headphone

    AR5000 is equipped with an innovative MLD driver. Adopting a precisely designed large-angle ear pad structure and a patented concentric ring mounting system, we have achieved smooth and rich sound, a deep and wide sound field, a comfortable fit, and the reproduction of authentic textures.

    MLD Driver - Large Tilt Angle Acoustic Structure - Concentric Circle Wearing System
    The AR5000 headphones feature an innovative MLD (Multi-Layer Distributed) driver, a carefully designed high-tilt acoustic structure and a patented concentric circle wearing system that provides a relaxed and rich sound, a deep and wide soundstage, a comfortable wearing experience and an authentic reproduction of the exquisite texture of music.

    Pure Stable Sound
    This dynamic driver is unlike any other
    The AR5000 headphones feature a 50 mm dynamic driver with an open back and an innovative structure. The MLD (Multi-Layer Distributed) diaphragm provides a balance of stiffness and damping, further solving the problem of break-up often found in large drivers. This reduction in distortion across the entire frequency range results in high transparency and a frequency response that easily extends to 40 kHz, allowing the AR5000 to faithfully reproduce even intricate musical details.

    driver: 50mm dynamic driver
    impedance: 28Ω
    sound pressure sensitivity: 108dB
    Play frequency band: 5Hz~41800Hz
    Cable wire material: OFC
    Cable length: 1.5m
    Headphone weight: 350gr

    Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun

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