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Cen.Grand DSDAC 1.0 Desktop DAC Deluxe Model

Cen.Grand DSDAC 1.0 Desktop DAC Deluxe Model

DSDAC 1.0 deluxe model is a new product which was developed on the basis of the standard model by optimizing the clock system and making major modifications to the circuit. It is different from the ordinary DAC. Its high-precision DSD frequency raising algorithm solves the playback problem of dsd64 perfectly. The synchronous direct clock technology enables the built-in femtosecond clock to be transmitted to the shift register directly without any process, so that the femtosecond performance can directly improve the analog signal quality. The clock blocking technology can isolates the clock of pre-device completely, so that the clock of the pre-device no longer becomes a factor affecting the sound quality.

Difference between DSDAC1.0 deluxe and standard model:
- The clock system of deluxe model has higher performance, RMS jitter is as low as 100fs
- Digital & analog circuit is more advanced, many advance component are used
- Fully optimized power system. Independent transformers are used for analog and digital
- More exquisite appearance

The performance of deluxe model has been greatly improved. Many customers has confirmed.

DSDAC1.0 is an audio DAC based on DSD audio technology. It took five years to develop. It has three advanced audio technologies:

- high-precision algorithm for DSD frequency up
- synchronous direct clock
- clock blocking technology

Functional Parameters:
SPDIF sampling rate: PCM 192 kHz / dop64 (AES, optical fiber, coaxial, BNC)
USB sampling rate: pcm384 / dsd512 (native)
Output interface: one for XLR and one for RCA
Output level: 6.2V RMS (XLR), 3.51V RMS (RCA)
Volume control range: - 65dB ~ 4dB
Overall dimension: 430 * 360 * 100mm
Net weight: 11.5kg
Gross weight: 13.8kg

Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun

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