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Dan Clark Audio E3 Closed Back Planar Headphone
  • Dan Clark Audio E3 Closed Back Planar Headphone

    E3 is our midrange closed-back headphone. E3 delivers a stunning level of performance and value, incorporating all the technological and ergonomic achievements of our flagship headphones, but at a more accessible price point.

    Incorporating an all-new 5th generation driver and our pioneering Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System, or AMTS, E3 delivers a true flagship performance, without the flagship cost.
    E3 is Dan Clark Audio’s revolutionary new closed-back headphone. E3’s striking black and blue aesthetic, ergonomic shape, and Gorilla Glass 3 clad cups are just a preview to the exciting upgrades within

    E3 combines meticulous tuning and state of the art engineering to achieve our legendary “open-back listening experience” in a closed headphone. Meticulous tuning and engineering integrate our patent-pending Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System (AMTS) with an all-new 5th generation driver to achieve a listening experience that is not only incredibly musically accurate it’s also astoundingly fun!

    E3 delivers the kick of mule when called upon to rock, yet teases out the finest nuances of your most detailed recordings.

    Weight : 455gr
    Impedance : 27ohms
    Sensitivity : ~90 dB/mW
    Frequency response : Yes, it has one
    Distortion : < 0.1% ref 80dB White Noise

    Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun

    Beyond The Music contact :
    0813.7000.9002 / 0813.7000.6807

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