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ddHiFi  C100 Earphone Carrying and Storage Case

ddHiFi C100 Earphone Carrying and Storage Case

DD ddHiFi C-2020 / C2020 Customized HiFi Carrying Case for Audiophiles

Double-layer Space
The DDHIFI C100 has a double-layer design. For the upper layer, you can store earphone cables or commonly used earbuds. It is designed with a mesh pocket on both the up and down sides and is filled with a relatively thick sponge.
The lower layer, it's a combination of hard bottom and soft surrounded sponge. The hard bottom can protect the stored things against accidental falling, while the soft surrounding sponge can resist squeezing.
*Note: Since there is no soft pad at the bottom, if it's used to store fragile items, it's required to put in soft pads by yourself. And it's more recommended to store earphone cables, adapters/dongles, silicone ear tips, and other accessories.

Cross partition, Flexible spacing
The DDHIFI C100 comes with a cross pad for dividing space. It separates the round space into 4 equal parts for a more organized storage environment. The cross pad can be taken out if you need one large space instead of 4 small areas which are very flexible.

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