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ddHiFi HS270 Premium Headphone Stand

ddHiFi HS270 Premium Headphone Stand

2 in 1 Headphone Stand
The headphone stand can be regarded as the structure of the headphone; it not only facilitates the modelling but also provides a posturing effect when proprly matched.

Premium Quality Materials
The headband of the headphone is a position easily deformed by force, especially one with soft wrapping.headphone stand with a reasonable radian can protect the head beam significantly. In addition,However, the head beam of the HS270 is wrapped in genuine leather and filled with sponge material, which protects the headphones' headband to a larger extent.

Stable Headphone Stand
The base weighs about 360 grams, accounting for about 75% of the weight of the entire headphone stand.Such a counterweight is not easy to tip over.Although its height reaches 270 mm when accidentally pulled and tilted at a certain angle,it will return to being upright.

Remarkable Detachable Design
Sporting a detachable design, the head beam, bracket and base can be disassembled by hand, greatly reducing the volume during transportation. Assembly is also a breeze, using stainless steel hand-tightened camera screws that only require a few turns*.
*When tightening the screw, one does not need to tighten it overly, ensure that it is secured.

Reasonable Height
The model HS270 is also derived from the height of the headphone stand, which measures 270 mm.This height is an attribute to be particular about, it is about 20 mm higher when compared to the conventional headphone stands, preventing the jacks on the headphone from being pressed.

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