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ddHiFi XLR44C  Balanced XLR 4Pin to 4.4mm Adapter

ddHiFi XLR44C Balanced XLR 4Pin to 4.4mm Adapter

A balanced adaptor to keep your classical headphone up to date, allowing traditional XLR 4-pin cable to work on new-age 4.4mm terminals. With no compromise on audio quality, this adapter is a cost-friendly solution for incompatible HiFi devices.

Copper is the best metal for it’s overall premium performance in signal-transfer stability and endurance, thanks to its low attenuation. To ensure no jam and interference get in your way of enjoying quality music, a thin plate of gold is placed on the exposed copper to prevent oxidation, the only weakness of copper conductor.

Wrapped in a sleek aluminum alloy shell, the adapter weight only 22g and can be easily tacked to your travel bag. The port and jack are accurately sized to fit tightly on standard devices


Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun


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