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DUNU KIMA 10mm Dual Cavity Dynamic Driver IEM Earphone

DUNU KIMA 10mm Dual Cavity Dynamic Driver IEM Earphone

KIMA is the brand new single dynamic driver set of in-ear monitors from DUNU. You get beautifully designed matte-finished metallic ear cavities that have a 3D-styled design. They house a 10mm dynamic driver that features the latest-generation Diamond-Like Carbon(DLC) diaphragm producing unmatched sound performance.

High-Performance Dual-Chamber Dynamic Driver Unit:
KIMA comes equipped with a 10mm large high-performance dual-cavity dynamic driver on each side. This driver features latest-generation DLC(Diamond-Like Carbon) diaphragm coil, N52 neodymium magnetic circuit, and high-tension ultra-fine voice coil. Compared to traditional DLC drivers, this newly-developed driver delivers a cleaner and more natural sound presentation.

Play Of Light & Shadow With 3D Styled Ear Shells:
DUNU has designed the KIMA ear shells with dynamic looks. The shells have a 3D-styled shape that shows different light and shadow effects based on the angle of the light. The face cover area is separated into 4 asymmetric inclined planes divided by K-Shaped convex lines. They have a rich, 3D design to them.

Exquisite Matte-Finished Metallic Cavities:
KIMA has got a premium design with its matte-finished metallic ear cavities. The shells are compact and have gold-plated brass ear nozzles. They have an ergonomic shape and lightweight design that contributes to getting a good fit with the pair. DUNU KIMA looks.

>High-Performance 10mm Dual-Cavity Dynamic Driver.
>Latest-generation DLC(Diamond-Like Carbon) Diaphragm.
>Powerful N52-based Magnetic Circuit.
>Specially Designed Micro-Control Airflow Technology.
>High-Density Alloy Shells.
>Premium Matte Finish.
>Ergonomic Design & Comfy shape.
>Professional Tuning Adjustments.
>Premium High-Purity 4-Strand Single-Crystal Silver-Plated Copper Cable.
>Standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors.
>3.5mm Termination Plug.

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