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DUNU Vulkan Six Driver Hybrid Earphone IEM In Ear Monitor

DUNU Vulkan Six Driver Hybrid Earphone IEM In Ear Monitor

The VULKAN panel incorporates DUNU’s many years of metal craftsmanship. The entire stainless steel has undergone CNC fine cutting, grinding, polishing, sandblasting, cleaning, electroplating, and then using acid to etch a concave and convex three-dimensional texture and exquisite.

The new six-unit hybrid structure, coaxial heterogeneous dual dynamic and four Knowles custom balanced armature, injecting DUNU's nearly 10 years of hybrid tuning experience, captures the finer details of the music, and presents a natural and balanced high quality smoothly sound.

The ECLIPSE structure flexible suspension edge polymer foam composite dome dynamic unit with large stroke and wide dynamic, together with the Nano-titanium crystal diaphragm dynamic unit with rapid response and rich details, jointly achieves accurate response, clear and shocking mid-low frequency sound.

Two high-performance ultra-high frequency balanced armature units (composite) custom by Knowles, the detailed and gorgeous ultra-high frequency effect jumps out, please enjoy this transparent natural sound.

Driver: 2 custom Knowles mid-high independent balanced armature + 2 custom Knowles ultra-high balanced armature + 8mm Cross-Linked Polyethylene Structural Foam Cell Dome with Soft Independent Surround + 8mm Nanocrystalline Titanium-Coated Diaphragm
Frequency response: 5Hz-40khz
Sensitivity: 109dB±1dB@1kHz
Impedance: 15Ω@1kHz
THD: <0.3%@1kHz
Cable: 4 strands high purity OCC silver-plated Type 1 Litz cable (DUW-02S)
Cable length: 1.2m ±0.1m
Connector: Patented Catch-Hold MMCX Connector
Plug: Patented Q-Lock PLUS Quick-Switch Modular Plug System

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