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Effect Audio Chiron 4W Flagship Custom Cable

Effect Audio Chiron 4W Flagship Custom Cable

The Original CHIRON was created with the audiophile market in mind, using top grade materials to create an impeccable blend that showcases Centurion's Power and Horus' Magnificence. Like an express ticket to Mount Pelion, the new CHIRON 4W gives a sneaks peak into CHIRON’s majestic world and what it can potentially offer at a portion of the cost, CHIRON 4W is the result of achieving the best of both worlds - a versatile cable with outstanding performance and value.

CHIRON 4W will feature the UP-OCC gold plated silver-gold alloy material mixed with the classic material of the Hall of Fame series - UP-OCC gold plated silver material, resulting in a perfect blend of voice「the Power of A Tiger」 and 「the Refined Delicacy of A Rose」.

Equipped with a new custom Y-split design, it exudes Raw Strength and Vigor, highlighting a distinct octagonal cut, sandblasted, and polished surface that splits into three parts: the top headguard, middle face, and bottom seal. These parts resemble a V-shaped Helmet, shielding the inner face and embodying the spirit of the CHIRON.

26AWG 4Wires
Selected Premium UP-OCC Material
Gold Plated Silver / Gold Plated Silver Gold Alloy Hybrid
Septuplet Core Bundle Litz
Multi-Sized Stranding
Sandblasted Titanium Shelled ConX ®️ Interchangeable Connector
EA customized 'C' Titanium Slider
Sandblasted and Polished Titanium Y-splitter with Carbon Fibre
Sandblasted and Polished Titanium Plug Casing
EA UltraFlexi™ Insulation, Matt Clear Black

Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun

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