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Effect Audio Fusion 1 Gold Plated Silver Litz Custom Cable
  • Effect Audio Fusion 1 Gold Plated Silver Litz Custom Cable

    Tales about the Ancient Wonders of the world evoke a sense of mysticism and miraculousness, as if an ancient, mystical force enabled their creation and enduring appeal, despite the seeming impossibility in their time.

    Fusion 1 represents a unique fusion of the virtues embodied by each of the seven ancient wonders. The proprietary alchemic combination of the highest amount of material variations in our history - a luxurious blend of dual Gold-plated Silver materials alongside pure Silver and a carefully calculated ratio of close to a half a dozen Copper variations, including an improved ergonomic Solid Core Copper at its center. The blend presents a uniquely immersive sonic experience that envelops the listener with its wide all-encompassing soundstage featuring unparalleled resolution. Experience a harmonious concord between powerful, hypnotic resonance and enchanting, highly detailed treble energy with a smooth timber finish.

    Drawing on a lesson taught by Mausolus - Not all that glitters is gold - Fusion 1 utilizes transformative textures, resembling the beautiful ceramic antiquities crafted in the forges of Ancient Worlds. We went further by including circular geometric patterns, symbolically indicative of divine symmetry to the ancient Greeks. This divinity further extends to its ergonomics, spotting heightened levels of flexibility for your comfort and leisure. Step into the rich history and luxury with the Fusion 1. Embrace the wonders of Immersive Resolution.

    Fusion 1 comes with ConX Basic Set

    Selected Premium UP-OCC Material Gold Plated Silver Litz, Pure Silver Litz and Pure Copper Litz Hybrid
    Proprietary Tri-Strata Layering Fusion Mix
    40 Multi-sized Core Bundles with new Solid Core Design
    Customized Multi-sized Strands Blend
    21 AWG 2 Wires
    EA Ultra Flexi™ Insulation
    ConX® & TermX™ Basic Sets Interchangeable Connector/Plug System (IEM Version)

    Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun

    Beyond The Music contact :
    0813.7000.9002 / 0813.7000.6807

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