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Eletech Socrates

Eletech Socrates

Built upon Eletech’s wealth of  R&D experience & expertise, the “Socrates” was born from the relentless pursuit of purity and extremities of a mono material - Copper. Unsurpassed within it’s class, the “Socrates” breaks down the predisposed stereotypes of Copper and manifests in a reference grade Copper that articulates emotions and texture.


Drawing from the experiences derived from the development of “Plato” & “Iliad”, Eletech revisit HiFi attested Copper cables and materials and grasps the very essence of a high performing flagship Copper cable.


Traversing the purist approach to developing this product, Eletech resolves to achieve a flagship-like copper performance that is highly technical while having the capacity to iterate emotions, technicalities and stereo imaging.

  • Tech Specs

    • 24 AWG
    • Flawless Monocrystal Bespoke 7N OCC Copper
    • Maximus Efficiency Strand Geometry ; Kevlar Infused
    • Cryogenically Treated
    • Eletech Bespoke Solder
    • Eletech Customised Y-Split and Connectors
    • FlexiMax Insulation
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