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Fiio BTR5 Bluetooth Amp
  • Fiio BTR5 Bluetooth Amp

    • Including Hi-fi DACs(ES9218P*2) for extremely detailed reproduction of sound and Independent control chip Xmos XUF208 for the ultimate in decoding performance, supporting up to 384kHz and native DSD
    • CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0 receiver designed to deliver studio-quality sound through your ears WIRELESS - using your existing wired headphones, earphones or even speakers.
    • For greater power and detail resolution,the BTR5 features both balanced 2.5mm and single-ended 3.5mm outpts.
    • Can be remotely controlled via FiiO Music app to swtich channel balance,8 different DAC lowpass filter and 10-band EQ
    • FPGA precision clock management+OLED Displaying+9 hours battery life+2 microphones with cVC 8.0 noise cancellation
    • Tech Spec

      Qualcomm CSR8675 flagship Bluetooth chip

      The Qualcomm CR8675 Bluetooth chip used in the BTR5 is a premium low-power solution designed for enhanced audio applications with support for 24-bit transmission and processing, thanks to its 120MHz DSP.

      High Performance DAC ES9218P*2

      The BTR5 employs the ESS ES9218PRO DAC which is able to provide more resolving power, better dynamics, and better soundstage for greatly improved sound quality over its predecessor.

      XMOS XUF208 USB Audio

      We elected to use the independent XMOS XUF208 control chip to achieve asynchronous audio decoding under USB Audio Class2.0.And when connected as a USB DAC ,the BTR5 can decode up to 384kHz and Native DSD

      FPGA precision clock management

      The BTR5 employs the FPGA chips which is responsible for the transmission and reception of Bluetooth and USB digital audio singls.but also for clock management. It can be greatly reduced jitter and imroves singal stability.





      Independent dual crystal oscillators

      With the addition of a dedicated FPGA,the 45.1584/49.152MHz dual crystal oscillators during Bluetooth and USB decoding can more accurately reproduce audio singals under various sampling rates,giving the BTR5 exceptional audio fidelity.

      Balance befitting of a flagship

      The BTR5 features both balanced and single-ended outputs.In its truly balanced audio architecture,each channel is driven separately from the other with its own DAC and amplifier,allowing the BTR5 to bring you a purer sound with unmatched finesse and balance

      Smartphone-based OLED technology

      With the BTR5, you will find feature the crisp 0.49 inch 64x32 resolution OLED screen that displays pairing/connection/call status/power status/encoding format/volume.

      iOS/Android Application

      BTR5 offers the companion iOS/Android remote control application. The setting is saved on BTR5,once configure by the app. BTR5 restores the setting after power on.





      Codec,Battery and Car mode

      BTR5 can be monitored and controlled by the "FiiO Music" application including bluetooth codec, battery, volume,Car Mode and more.

      10-Band Equalizer

      BTR5 supports the built-in 10-Band Equalizer. You can control the EQ using the FiiO Music APP . Once configured, BTR5 runs the EQ processing without the app, for every audio sources over Bluetooth *EQ is invalid under BTR5's LDAC

      DAC Lowpass Filter

      8 different DAC lowpass

      Channel Balance & Distortion compensation

      L / R channel volume calibration

      Second-harmonic/Third-harmonic compensation