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FiiO K9 Pro ESS 9038 Pro Flagship Desktop DAC and Amplifier

FiiO K9 Pro ESS 9038 Pro Flagship Desktop DAC and Amplifier

Moves your human "core", and not just by a little!
Inside the K9 Pro are 2 ES9038PRO DAC chips, specifically designed for maximum performance in desktop-grade equipment. One ES9038PRO chip, with all of its 8 parallel outputs, is used for each channel to achieve richly detailed sound with minimal distortion.

Pure clean sound, satisfying even demanding listeners
The THX AAA 788+ chips used in the K9 Pro provide exemplary details and dynamics no matter if you are using low or high-impedance headphones. The K9 Pro can produce an undistorted 1100mW* under a 300ohm load, and an undistorted 2100mW* under a 32ohm load, 50% higher than the original THXAAA 788 amplifier chips. *As tested in FiiO Labs under balanced out.

Precise Design - Fully differential, fully balanced design
Fully differential signals go through the DAC, volume adjustment, and amp for a truly balanced design. Such a design ensures minimal interference between different components in order to fully maintain all details and the large dynamic swings in music for unmatched sound quality.

Just pure sound, Isolated digital and analogue power delivery
The digital portions of the K9 Pro physically receive power separately from the analogue portions, for effective shielding against audio interference between the two circuits. This ensures pure and faithful reproduction of your music.

Immensely robust, Linear power supply
Electricity is the mother of sound, so special attention was paid to optimising the K9 Pro's power supply to ensure excellent sound. The K9 Pro's linear power supply, with its low-frequency transformer and 4 massive 4700uF capacitors, makes sure that the rest of the system gets abundant clean power.

High performance DAC ES9038PRO*2
THX AAA 788+ Tech
App Control
Dual femtosecond clocks
QCC5124 Bluetooth Chip
Truly Balanced Design
Linear Power Supply
Supports LDAC/aptX Adaptive

Garansi distributor resmi 1 tahun 

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