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FiiO LS 4.4A / LS4.4B 4.4mm to 0.78mm / 2pin High Quality Headphone Cable
  • FiiO LS 4.4A / LS4.4B 4.4mm to 0.78mm / 2pin High Quality Headphone Cable

    Fiio LS-4.4A / LS- 4.4B
    4.4mm to 0.78mm 2pin
    High-Quality Silver-Plated Copper Balanced Headphone Cable

    ◉ Thicker, Denser, Better 280 total wires in four strands

    Sound quality evolved again. To better cater to users of the "Little Conch" series of earphones, FD11 and FH11, we made a brand-new high-quality headphone cable, LS-4.4A. Making up the cable are copper wires, 14 of which are twisted together into a small strand. 5 of these small strands are twisted into a larger strand. 4 of these large strands include the entirety of the 280 total silver-plated copper wires. This highly dense and thick, yet compact bundle of wires is responsible for transmitting every last detail of your music with the utmost speed and accuracy.

    *Note: This product is suggested to be used with FiiO's "Little Conch series
    of 0.78mm 2 pin earphones, FD11/FH11.
    ◉ Comfortable and ergonomic "Left blue right red" elbow design

    The LS-4.4A features the "left blue right red" to let you know easily how to plug in your earphones, getting you to your music quickly!

    ◉ The secret to sweet sound High quality silver-plated copper wires
    The LS-4.4A features silver-plated copper wires. The silver-plated layer allows for a more detailed, yet sweet and rich sound.

    •Model: LS-4.4A/ LS-4.4B
    •Wearing method: Around-the-ear
    •Cable material: Silver-plated copper
    •Wire count: 4 strands of 280 wires
    •Wire structure: Litz braided
    •Cable length: About 120cm (excluding plug)
    •Sheath: PU
    •Earphone connector: 0.78mm 2 pin
    •Audio plug: 4.4mm

    Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun

    Beyond The Music contact :
    0813.7000.9002 / 0813.7000.6807

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