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Fiio M11S Hi Res Portable Music Player

Fiio M11S Hi Res Portable Music Player

FiiO M11S is the latest generation of premium Android digital audio players from the brand. FiiO has worked on the award-winning M11 bringing a new DAC design, a new powerful amplification design, and a new eight-core CPU. M11S comes with dual ES9038Q2M high-performance 32-Bit DAC chips that provide enormous performance upgrades compared to the previous generation. It’s a portable device with high capabilities, able to feed your IEMs with ease!!

4th-Gen FPGA Clock Architecture:

FiiO has developed 4th-generation FPGA architecture with phase-locked loop technology. It works together with two custom femtosecond crystal oscillators to provide a high-precision and low-jitter unified clock source for the entire audio chipset. This allows the M11S to deliver a pure, authentic high-resolution audio experience!!

Rich Sound With Audiophile-Grade Power Supply:

Power plays an important role in any given audio/electrical device. FiiO has designed a new audiophile-grade clean power supply for the M11S. The amplifier and the opamp sections of the device get independently powered and are completely isolated from each other. This allows the M11S to produce a clean and powerful performance bringing our music to life

- High-performance dual ES9038Q2M DAC chips.
- 4th-Gen FPGA Architecture.
- Powerful amplification section.
- 5.0” 720P crisp display.
- Qualcomm’s finest Snapdragon 660 SoC.
- Latest-Gen Honeycomb design.
- FiiO exclusive Multi-function key.
- Three headphone outputs, 3.5mm+2.5mm+4.4mm.
- Balanced 4.4mm line-out support.
- Amazing Battery backup.
- Open Android 10 OS with Global SRC bypass.
- High-definition two-way Bluetooth support.
- MQA support.

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