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FiiO PL50 2023 Dual Voltage Low Noise Regulated Linear Power Supply

FiiO PL50 2023 Dual Voltage Low Noise Regulated Linear Power Supply


Transformer : Customized 50W audiophile-grade toroidal transformer
Bridge rectifier : Shindengen 25A 600V flat bridge
Voltage regulator : Tl voltage regulator chip
Filter capacitor : Nippon Chemi-Con and Rubycon capacitors
Inputs : Three 3-in-1 sockets
Output : Aviation plug GX16-2 socket
Color : Black
Weight : bout 1.8kg, with included accessories about 2kg
Package contents : Power supply unit"1, AC input cable" 1, DC output cable"1, Manual"1

Based on excellent materials For outstanding quality

Toroidal transformers by their very nature have numerous advantages, allowing them to be very efficient. This is due to the coils in the transformer not having a set angle at which they are bent, leading to a more uniform magnetic field and
less magnetic flux leakage. Inside the PL50 is a custom 50VA audiophile-grade toroidal
transformer, made of high-quality Nippon Steel iron and high-purity oxygen-free copper wires for higher efficiency, higher precision, more stable voltage, and for higher energy output.

Dual voltage outputs One unit for multiple uses

The clear digital display distinctly shows the current-voltage, letting anybody easily know what is happening with the power supply. The PL50 supports both 12V and 15V outputs, allowing it to match the voltage requirements of various FiiO devices.

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