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HiBy FC6 USB Headphone R2R DAC AMP with Darwin Architecture
  • HiBy FC6 USB Headphone R2R DAC AMP with Darwin Architecture

    Introducing the all-new HiBy FC6, a portable USB DAC/AMP with built-in Darwin audio architecture. Utilizing 96 precisely matched resistors forming an R2R ladder array DAC arrangement, the latest FC6 promises exceptional sound clarity with a rich, analog tone. The FC6 adopts a discrete headphone amp stage that provides clean and ample amplification for the sound signal. FC6 adopts multiple Darwin Filters and also one-key switchable NOS/OS modes. HiBy FC6 supports all-leading audio signal formats with decoding supported up to 32-Bit/768kHz PCM, native DSD512, and 8x MQA signal unfolding.

    HiBy FC6 comes equipped with their in-house developed Darwin Architecture Technology. Previously implemented in high-end Digital audio players, the FC6 is the first USB DAC/AMP in the market to feature this groundbreaking audio architecture. It utilizes an R2R DAC matched with FIR filters and NOS/OS switch, bringing you the perfect combination of traditional R2R touch with modern digital filters in a single package.

    HiBy FC6 features a specially designed R2R ladder array DAC design. It utilizes 96 high-precision resistors in an R-2R network along with undisclosed black ops tech for linearity compensation. It provides the rich, analog touch of the R2R DACs with the accuracy of modern DACs.

    Users can freely switch between NOS and OS modes on the FC6. With the help of a dedicated key, ht emotes can be switched easily. As we know, NOS mode refers to the Non-Over Sampling mode. It presents sound in its raw form, is analog, and crispier, and delivers a true sound tone. OS Mode refers to Over sampling mode, it removes aliasing artificers via the tried and true combination of oversampling and ultra-sonic low-pass filters. OS mode delivers a smoother sound and enables all digital filters on the FC6.

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