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Hifiman HE400SE Stealth Magnet Technology Headphone
  • Hifiman HE400SE Stealth Magnet Technology Headphone

    The HiFiMAN HE400se is an open-back planar magnetic headphone. Unlike dynamic drivers, which use conductors that vibrate in limited areas, planar magnetic headphones use conductive layers that cover nearly the entire diaphragm, resulting in significantly lower distortion.

    The global version of the HE400se features HiFiMAN’s unique “stealth magnet” design that reduces wave diffraction turbulence and lowers distortion to barely audible levels. In addition, it comes with a silver copper cable that, similar to the “stealth magnet” design, is unique to the global model.

    While many open back headphones prevent sound waves from escaping with poorly designed drivers, the HE400se utilizes a specially-shaped magnet that allows waves to pass through without generating interference. The result is a massive reduction in wave diffraction turbulence and less distortion.

    Thanks to the Hifiman HE400se's newly designed adjustable, lightweight headband, the HE400se remains cool and comfortable for hours, even in the most extreme heat.

    The Hifiman HE400se planar magnetic headphones also come equipped with a newly designed driver casing for enhanced durability and protection from the elements.

    The Hifiman HE400se ships with Hifiman's dual 3.5mm headphone side connectors and single-ended 3.5mm on the amp side with a 1/4" adapter. If there was any flaw with the HE400se, it would definitely be with the cable, which we would recommend replacing when you have the chance. As the HE400se uses 3.5mm connectors, there are countless aftermarket cables that will do the job.

    Frequency Response : 20Hz-20kHz
    Impedance : 25Ω
    Sensitivity : 91dB
    Weight : 390g

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