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Hifiman Sundara

Hifiman Sundara

  • Featuring Newly Developed Diaphragm that is 80% Thinner than the HE400 Series Resulting in a Wider Frequency Response, Faster and More Detailed
  • With the weight spreading strap for outstanding comfort but with a more fashion conscious look with its sleek and sumptuous matte black finish.
  • With its all metal headband the SUNDARA is built to take the rigours of urban street life. The SUNDARA is as tough as it is beautiful.
  • New 3.5mm Headphone connector for enhanced durability
  • The slimline SuperMini is the perfect on the partner for the SUNDARA. The SuperMini with its abundance of audio power output and the SUNDARA’s grace and poise makes them the velvet glove over a marble fist.
  • Technical Spec

    • Frequency Response : 6Hz-75kHz
    • Impedance : 37Ω
    • Sensitivity : 94dB
    • Weight : 372g
Rp7.500.000,00 Regular Price
Rp5.250.000,00Sale Price
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