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iBasso 3T-154 Dynamic Tesla Driver IEM Earphone
  • iBasso 3T-154 Dynamic Tesla Driver IEM Earphone

    iBasso developed a massive 15.4mm dynamic driver because nothing moves as much air as one with such a surface area, with as little effort. Coated with the incredibly stiff material that is beryllium, its ability to move large amounts of air at low frequencies provides the firm foundation to your music.

    But by not being made entirely of stiff metal, iBasso maintain 3T-154's awesome bass quality even as frequencies rise.

    Their sandwich core driver construction of a soft plastic centre allows for effective damping at higher frequencies, to stave off the usual challenges of cone and modal break-up with drivers of these sizes.

    That means 3T-154's driver moves as a perfect piston over all frequencies up to and above its working range, keeping distortion down. A 3 tesla N55 neodymium magnet certainly helps in that respect, with a iBasso's copper-covered aluminium voice coil always kept under the control of magnetic flux regardless of its pistonic position.

    3T-154 might be an entry-level IEM but iBasso certainly opted for quality parts in its construction with beryllium, neodymium and copper-covered aluminium all coming together in a high-precision CNC bracket.

    The experience is just taken up a notch when one considers its 2-pin cable construction and unique interchangeable plug locking system. 3T-154 is so good you may struggle to move up from it – and iBasso undoubtedly build your IEM to last the distance.

    Also check out a source from iBasso to preserve 3T-154's requisite sound quality here, or check out our other IEMs here.

    Driver 15.4mm single beryllium-coated dynamic driver
    Impedance 16ohms
    Frequency response 7Hz-41kHz
    Sensitivity 116dB SPL/1mW
    Cables 1 x 3.5/4.4mm

    Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun

    Beyond The Music contact :
    0813.7000.9002 / 0813.7000.6807

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