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iBasso AMP14 KORG Nutube Balanced Module for DX300 / DX320
  • iBasso AMP14 KORG Nutube Balanced Module for DX300 / DX320

    Provided by KORG and Noritake, this 6th Gen Nutube operates exactly as a conventional triode vacuum tube and creates the same characteristic rich overtones that are sought after in triode tubes. Concurrently, the Nutube achieves substantial power saving, miniaturization, and quality improvements when compared with a conventional vacuum tube.

    The AMP14 completes voltage amplification through the Nutube, while giving AMP14 an engaging, unique vacuum tube sound while delivering excellent linearity.

    The AMP14 utilizes Nutube 6P1 as a voltage amplifier, followed by a JFET differential converter to realize the L-, L+, R+, R- differential output. AMP14 adopts two JRC volume control chips, which forms a total 4 channel true balanced volume control. The signal then passes through the 4 channel balanced output buffer stage. Pentaconn 4.4mm balanced sockets are used, which have excellent acoustic quality and durability.

    - Balanced PO Output: 5.2Vrms
    - Balanced LO Output: 1.8Vrms

    The AMP14 card has a power design that helps achieve performance upper limits. The AMP section of the DX320/DX300 has its own battery power, which is perfect for the AMP14, as it is an AMP card with strict power supply requirements.

    Two pieces of high performance DC-DC chips from Linear Technology, with a total of 4 DC-DC power supplies are utilized by AMP14. One DC-DC is 3.6V for the cathode through a low-noise LDO, and one is 14V for the anode of Nutube and one is +8V and one is -8V, which constitutes the 16V volt swing, which feeds the OP AMPS.


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