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Ikko ITB03 Portable Bluetooth Hifi DAC Amplifier

Ikko ITB03 Portable Bluetooth Hifi DAC Amplifier

- 12mm Dynamic Driver
- 0.78 Two-pin Connector
- 112dB Sensitivity
- 32Ω Impedance
- Single Crystal Copper Silver-plated Cable
- 20-40kHz Frequency Range

- Main control IC Octa-core processors XMOS XU208
- Dual DACs AK4377*2
- Headphone amplifier IC RT6863*1
- Sampling rate 384kHz
- 3.5mm headphone jack (Optical Fiber+Single) 4.4mm headphone jack
- Bluetooth IC QCC5125
- Decoding LDAC、aptX、aptX HD

- 3.5mm Headphone Jack(Optical Fiber+Single)And 4.4mm Headphone Jack, High-fidelity Transmission For Cleaner Sound
- Multi-functional Menu Displayed in OLED Screen
- Two Ways Of Connection: Bluetooth, And Type-C, Which Is Portable To Use
- 3D Curved Glass Cover, Smooth And Simple
- Four Sound Modes To Switch: Music, Movie, Game, HiFi

Built-in QCC5125 chip, the ITB03 supports all mainstream Bluetooth formats including AAC/SBC/aptX/aptX LL/aptX HD/LDAC. What’s more, it also supports 192KHz decoding rate, and NFC connection

- Support incoming calls and answering calls
- Wake up voice assistance
- Support wired and wireless connections

Steep drop: clean sound, sharpened dive, maintain detailed, higher resolution performance, suitable for complex soundtracks or fast-tempo songs.
Steep drop with short delay:atmospheric sound, positioned backwards, accurate positioning, thick reverberation, suitable for pop music
Slow descent: Sound on the mellow side, obvious overtones, rich low frequency, natural reverberation, suitable for slow beats and other types of music
Slow descent with short delay:Sound without impurities, positioned in front, immersive, reproduce the original sound, suitable for classical music

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