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Letshuoer Cadenza 12 Hybrid Driver IEM Earphone

Letshuoer Cadenza 12 Hybrid Driver IEM Earphone

LETSHUOER Cadenza 12 is the brand’s latest flagship IEM that houses a 12-driver hybrid configuration. Cadenza usually refers to an ornamental passage that is played or sung by a Soloist or Soloists. This particular passage allows the soloist to deliver an exceptionally lively and virtuoso performance. LETSHUOER has taken this inspiration and designed this ultimate flagship IEM with a combination of a 10mm custom silicone diaphragm Dynamic driver and 11 high-performance balanced armature drivers on each side. With professional tuning adjustments, and a precise five-way physical and electronic frequency crossover.

Cadenza 12 is the LETSHUOER’s latest flagship pair of in-ear monitors. It has been designed to deliver an exceptional sound experience with ultimate clarity, rich tone, and crisp resolution. The pair showcase impressive sound reproduction with a big, wide sound field. Cadenza 12 is something special, developed by LETSHUOER after years of research and development.

A Powerful 12-Driver Hybrid Configuration
LETSHUOER has featured top of the line powerful driver configuration for the Cadenza 12. It adopts a traditional DD+BA driver combo with a combination of 12 drivers on each side. They have implemented a 10mm silicone surround dynamic driver paired with 11 high-performance Knowles and Sonion Balanced armature drivers.

Precisely-Designed Five-Way Physical & Electronic Crossover
In order to get the best out of all the drivers on the Cadenza 12, LETSHUOER has designed the pair with a five-way frequency crossover. This is not limited to electronic or physical, in fact, the Cadenza 12 features both physical tubes and electronic crossover. Each driver has been placed with proper calculations to achieve proper linearity in their performance.

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