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Letshuoer EJ07M Hybrid Electrostat Dynamic BA Driver IEM Earphone

Letshuoer EJ07M Hybrid Electrostat Dynamic BA Driver IEM Earphone

Following the success of the flagship EJ07, Shuoer has released a mass-production version of the same, meet the all-new Shuoer EJ07M. Experience your music in an all-new light with advanced tribrid configuration housing electrostatic, dynamic, and balanced armature drivers together in a designer ear shell.

The Electrostatic technology is right at your doorstep with the EJ07M. The pair features a 4 in 1 electrostatic driver from the house of Sonion. Electrostatic drivers(EST) are known for their highly resolving nature where they present us with a highly detailed high-frequency response range, and that is how Shuoer has utilized them here in the EJ07M. You will be amazed by how smooth and detailed the pair sounds.

EJ07M features a seven-driver tribrid configuration same as the flagship EJ07. The quad EST driver is backed by dual Sonion BA drivers for mid-frequencies and a 10mm carbon-nanotube dynamic driver for powerful lower end.

Shuoer EJ07M earpieces are crafted using high-quality 316L Stainless Steel material. They feature an ergonomic shape for a comfortable fit and artistic designer faceplates for a unique look. The pair is available in two different color options, silver cavity with multi-color faceplate and black cavity with carbon fiber and gold flaked faceplate.

>Heavily-Equipped featuring seven driver tribrid configuration on each side.
>Sonion Quad Electrostatic Drivers.
>Two Sonion 2389 Balanced Armature Drivers.
>10mm Carbon Nanotube Dynamic Driver.
>Mixed Color or Carbon Fibre Face Panels.
>Ergonomically Designed Stainless Steel Cavities.
>Comfortable To Wear.
>Highly-Engaging Sound Tuning.
>Impedance: 19 ohm.
>Sensitivity: 107dB.
>Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-30kHz.
>Distortion: 0.5%.
>Connector Type: Standard 0.78mm.
>High-Purity OCC Copper Cable 4.4mm termination

Beyond The Music contact :
0813.7000.9002 / 0813.7000.6807

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