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Letshuoer S08 Planar Magnetic Driver IEM Earphone
  • Letshuoer S08 Planar Magnetic Driver IEM Earphone

    >LETSHUOER S08 Hifi planar IEM features a custom fourth generation 13mm planar diaphragm speaker that LETSHUOER was very hands-on during the development process.


    >LETSHUOER utilizes nanoscopic magnetron sputtering process, a high-end production method, on the planar driver’s diaphragm of S08,sputters the copper material onto the substrate.


    >The nanoscopic magnetron sputtering technology coats the diaphragm with a layer of voice coil in addition to conventional drivers’ single layer voice coil circuit.


    >They incorporated a PTR elastic film surrounds at the edge of the diaphragm’s voice coil, which makes the diaphragm perform with greater extensibility and stability.


    >The LETSHUOER S08 incorporates the design language of the number "8" in its panel design, featuring a striking yet streamlined appearance.


    >The CNC precision-milled metallic earphone shell is both simple and exquisite. It is available in black and silver versions to meet different aesthetic preferences.
    The cables are made from 4 cores of 30-strands 0.05mm silver-plated copper, providing efficient transmission performance, finer musical detail, and a richer sense of space.

    Technical Details :
    -Model : LETSHUOER S08
    -Sensitivity : 105dB
    -Frequency Response : 20Hz ~ 40kHz
    -Impedance : 26Ω
    -Chassis Material : CNC anodized aluminum
    -Cable : 4 x 30 strands x 0.05mm silver-plated copper
    -Drivers : Fourth generation 13mm planar magnetic driver


    Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun


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