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Luxury Precision W2-131 Portable USB DAC/AMP

Luxury Precision W2-131 Portable USB DAC/AMP

Luxury & Precision has upgraded their famous W2 USB DAC/AMP, presenting all-new L&P W2-131. L&P has redesigned the W2 with brand new flagship-grade CS43131 DAC chips greatly improving its performance with increased output power and lowered power requirements. With the help of its advanced audio decoding chips and several other high-performance chips, the latest Luxury & Precision W2-131 provides you with an exceptional listening experience with authentic Hi-Res signal decoding support.


Improved Performance With New DAC Chipset:

L&P has designed the new W2 with a brand new flagship-grade DAC chipset. After all the best deserves the best, so they have equipped the device with two CS43131 DAC chips. This new chipset on the W2-131 is tuned and adjusted to deliver an authentic high-resolution experience by achieving the lowest in-class background noise and distortion ratings.


Improved Driving Force:

How good is a portable DAC/AMP if it doesn't have enough juice to power our IEMs/Hps on the go??? L&P has increased the output power rating in the new W2-131 now providing up to 260mW of clean signal that is more than adequate enough to power most IEMs and HPs in the market today.


Lower Power Consumption:

With the help of a low-power consumption MCU chipset, the W2-131 takes low power from the connected source device. It now takes low power from the source device, allowing the users to enjoy their favorite music for longer hours without worrying about the battery running completely out of juice!!


Your Hi-Res Decoder In Your Pocket:

Don't go on the compact form factor of the W2-131. It packs an amazing dose of true Hi-Res signal decoding with it. It supports PCM up to 32-Bit/384kHz and native DSD256 decoding bringing support for most file formats out there.


W2-131, A New Avatar For Flagship USB DAC/AMPs:

To make the new W2-131 stand out from the previous model, Luxury&Precision has made the new model available in a brand-new color option. Now grab the new W2-131 in the exciting Prussian Blue color. Rest assured, all the dynamics, design, and form factor of the W2-131 are kept the same as the original model.


SPDIF Output:

The L&P W2-131 is the second USB DAC/AMP in the market with SPDIF Output support, the first being the original W2. L&P’s professional SPDIF output enables a new playback solution with improved clarity and signal transmission.


Pre-Loaded Presets For IEMs:

Luxury & Precision has pre-loaded the W2-131 with multiple different EQ presets designed for different IEMs. It has loaded presets for Shure SE846, Sony Z1r, and many more IEMs. With an easy firmware upgrade, L&P will add more presets in the future.

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