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Madoo Type 821 Micro Planar Driver IEM Earphone
  • Madoo Type 821 Micro Planar Driver IEM Earphone

    The Typ821 is equipped with a completely newly developed micro-planar magnetic driver "Ortho". There are two types of planar drivers: push-pull drive type and single drive type. "Ortho" adopts a push-pull type. Five magnets are placed on the front and back of an ultra-thin, lightweight diaphragm with a coil printed on the order of μm, and are driven in a well-balanced manner.

    The push-pull drive type is a driver with good response, driven by sandwiching the diaphragm between the front and back magnets. Therefore, it is a driver with excellent sound characteristics that expresses brilliant and delicate high frequencies and powerful low frequencies. However, since many small and powerful magnets are used, it is difficult to incorporate, and it was difficult to reduce the size and weight for use in earphones. For this reason, cases used in large products such as high-end headphones have been the mainstream in the past. In the "Ortho" developed this time, experienced engineers of dynamic drivers repeated trial and error to realize a high-quality push-pull driver that can be used in an earphone size.

    In order to increase reliability and maximize performance, we adopted the original housing architecture "MIAA: MADOO In-ear Acoustic Architecture" from the previous model. All products are developed based on this architecture.

    Products Name: Typ821
    Model: Planar Earphones (closed-back)
    Type: Universal Fit
    Transducer: Micro Planar "Ortho" Driver x1
    Materials: Titanium + Sapphire Crystal
    Max Input: 5mW (0.4V)
    Impedance: 15Ω
    Frequency Response: 20Hz~40KHz
    Connector: Pentaconn EAR
    Cable: MRC011 1.2m, MRC023 1.2m
      - MRC011 4-core cable: Pentaconn Ear Φ3.5mm 3-pole
      - MRC023 4-core cable: Pentaconn Ear Φ4.4mm 5-pole

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