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MMR Thummim Earphone

MMR Thummim Earphone

'Thummim' | トンミム is most significantly exemplified by an inconceivable spherical soundscape offering texture and details with distinct wideness, abysmal depth and soaring height. It's a MMR prized design befitting of a modern world audiophile flagship status and a showcase of MMR's top notch technology.


'Thummim' artisanal  usage of 4 electrostatics that's  conjoined  within a single transformer allows the flawless oeuvre of musical masterpieces to come alive.


MMR team behind 'Thummim' added on Eletech's proprietary internal LITZ wires as final touches to perfect the IEM. Housed within a MMR specialty  Titanium shell, the monitor offers perfect ergonomics that is befitting of daily usage.

  • Tech Specs

    • - 9 Triple Hybrid Drivers Configuration
    • - Quad Electrostatics , 2 Vented Mid ,  2 Highs , 1x Bespoke 9.7mm  Foster Dynamic Driver
    • - 4 - Way Passive Electro Frequency Division
    • - TriBore Waveguide
    • - Eletech Proprietary Internal Litz 
    • Frequency Response : 20Hz - 80kHz
    • Impedance                : 35ohm
    • Noise Isolation          : -18db
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