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Moondrop Chu 2 Chu II 10mm Magnesium Driver IEM Earphone

Moondrop Chu 2 Chu II 10mm Magnesium Driver IEM Earphone

Model: CHU II Dynamic Driver In-ear Headphone Cavity Material: ZN Alloy
Driver: 10mm High-performance Dynamic Driver
Diaphragm: Aluminum-magnesium Alloy Composite Diaphragm Headphone Jack: 0.78mm-2pin
Plug: 3.5mm Single-ended
Frequency Response: 15Hz - 38kHz
Effective FR: 20Hz-20kHz (IEC60318-4, -3dB)
Impedance: 180 ± 15% (@1KHz) Sensitivity: 119dB/Vrms (@1KHz)
THD: THD≤0.5% (@1KHz, 94dB)

Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Dome Composite Diaphragm

As a dome diaphragm material, Al-Mg alloy exhibits high rigidity and light weight, thereby extending the treble bandwidth and revealing more subtle details. The diaphragm suspension is composed of two polymer materials with differing characteristics, resulting in a punchier bass and greatly reduced nonlinear distortion.

Alloy Casting Cavity - Ensuring Durability and High-Quality Texture

The acoustic cavity of the "CHU II" is manufactured using MOONDROP's mature alloy casting technology, ensuring both rigidity and fine texture. A durable paint layer protects the metal shell from corrosion.

Brass CNC Acoustic Nozzle

The nozzle of the "CHU II" consists of a separate brass CNC component, offering higher precision and density, and resulting in beautiful timbre.

Replaceable Acoustic Nozzle

"CHU II" incorporates a new generation of replaceable acoustic filters. The front end of the brass nozzle is detachable, allowing users to replace the acoustic filter quickly and conveniently.
Replacement is far easier compared with existing multi-layer filters, and the design makes for greater reliability. In the event of blockage or damage, the cost is much lower than that of standard nozzles.

Interchangeable Cable Design Wide Adaptability

CHU II uses a universal 0.78mm interchangeable cable, allowing users to replace the cable or make use of Bluetooth neckband/TWS earhooks for different usage scenarios.

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