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Moondrop MC2 High Quality Microphone 3.5mm Upgrade Cable
  • Moondrop MC2 High Quality Microphone 3.5mm Upgrade Cable

    MC2 uses 3.5mm standard port, equipped with a high-quality microphone, and is compatible with most devices, such as smartphone/computer/ iOS/Android /iPad, boasting a convenient calling experience.
    Worry-free of delay, Lossless sound quality

    Mixed Stranded Litz Cable With Oxygen-free Copper And Silver Plating, The Isolation Design of In-line-control Microphone 75-core high-purity oxygen-free copper and silver-plated cable for each signal are mixed with the Litz structure to ensure high-quality signal transmission; in-line-control and microphone routing are isolated from audio output signals, and the sound quality won't be affected.

    Product Information:
    Model: MC2
    Series: MOONDROP Selected Series
    Exterior Cover: Sweat-resistant and high-permeability PVC Cable Core: Litz Structure High-purity Oxygen-free Copper Mixed Silver-plated Cable + Independent Shielded Cable (Microphone)
    Plug: 3.5mm

    Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun

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