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Moondrop Venus Flagship 100mm Magnetic Driver Planar Headphone

Moondrop Venus Flagship 100mm Magnetic Driver Planar Headphone

Reach for the moon
Moondrop has ventured beyond their budget-conscious roots with the Venus, their first full-size planar magnetic headphone. Featuring 36 N52 magnets, a pure silver printed circuit, and a 2 micron-thick 100mm diaphragm, this is a full-size headphone that reaches for the moon.

Sub-nanometer diaphragm
To deliver the strongest dynamics and finest details, the Venus uses a 100mm diaphragm with a thickness of only 2 microns, and a pure silver printed circuit.

Aluminum alloy CNC diaphragm structure
A lightweight aluminum alloy CNC diaphragm structure makes it possible to lay 36 large N52 magnets across the diaphragm without causing undue stress or uncomfortably increasing the overall weight of the headphone.

High-frequency waveguides
By using rounded caps on the ends of the magnets, the Venus is able to prevent high-frequency sound waves from overlapping and becoming overemphasized during playback. The result is a naturally smooth and linear sound profile.


Headphone Specification:
Wearing Style: Over-Ear
Headphone Jacks: 3.5mm
Plug: 3.5mm Single-end Plug & 4.4mm Balanced Plug
Frequency Response: 6Hz-80kHz
Effective Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz(EC60318-43dB)
Impedance: 182 ± 15%(@1kHz)
Sensitivity: 100dB/Vrms(@1kHz)

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