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Pentaconn Scyne a01 Proposes The New Synergy IEM Earphone
  • Pentaconn Scyne a01 Proposes The New Synergy IEM Earphone

    Pentaconn Scyne a01 


    This series has been developed with the theme of ``creating a greater effect than the individual parts' ability by combining them.'' We will combine each component from various materials and shapes, and release one combination selected from among them as “Scyne α 01”. LCP dome + LSR (liquid silicone) edge Φ10.2mm Composite diaphragm In order to minimize sound distortion, incidental sounds, and peaks at resonance points, it has high internal loss and is particularly light and hard among resin materials. Adopts LCP dome. For the edge section, we have focused on internal loss and durability, and have adopted an LSR edge that is soft and allows for smooth movement. Achieved a clear and flat frequency response with little distortion.


    -Adopts N55 neodymium magnet
    We use the highest grade neodymium magnet with a magnetic flux density of 1.4T or more. It increases the responsiveness of the diaphragm and accurately reproduces the rise and lingering sound of the sound.


    -Equipped with double rear chamber
    The rear chamber has a double structure to optimize internal air pressure. By optimizing the damping of the diaphragm, we have maximized the resolution of the driver unit, including tight bass and delicate high-frequency expression.


    -Equipped with HDSS function
    An acoustic module called ETL is installed to appropriately absorb and release reflected waves inside the chamber.


    Brass + platinum plated housing
    The material of the housing and plating has a great effect on the sound quality. In order to improve the resonance, we have reviewed the composition of brass. We selected a line that retains the deep and rich low to mid-low range that is characteristic of brass, but has less quirks and no caged feel. Platinum is a material used in accessories such as engagement rings, and is a metal that resists tarnishing and maintains its white shine for a long time. Also, in consideration of metal allergies, nickel-free base plating is used. We also decided to adopt this material because we thought it would contribute to sound quality by taking advantage of its hard material properties and suppressing unnecessary resonance.


    Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun


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