Questyle M12 Audio Dongle
  • Questyle M12 Audio Dongle

    To greet mobile lossless music in the 5G era, Questyle released the M12 in 2021, a mobile Hi-Fi headphone amplifier with DAC, which integrates Questyle's core technology and carries on the gene of mobile Hi-Fi feature.
    M12 allows all mobile phone users to break through limitations of technology, cost and size of the audio circuit integrated into mobile phones, and feel free to enjoy lossless music from streaming anytime in any place.
    Now, let M12 take you to your mobile Hi-Fi journey!

    M12 supports MQA (Master Quality Authenticated). MQA decoding is a new format of digital coding, which can make audio streams of high sampling rate be packaged into files that are small enough to be suitable for streaming.
    MQA format carries 100% information of the original audio signals. It can fit your audio products in a very smart way and achieve a highest-quality playback of those signals. During this playback, the sound you hear has the same quality as the artists perform in the studio.