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Sennheiser IE600 Single Driver Dynamic Earphone

Sennheiser IE600 Single Driver Dynamic Earphone

Simply beautiful sound, and the lengths Sennheiser will go to achieve it — that is the story of the IE 600. These in-ear devices not only reproduce the detail and emotion of a recording, they transcend it. Because each earphone is a masterpiece. From the hand-finished amorphous metal housing to high-end audio components developed and made by Sennheiser, everything is manufactured to the strictest tolerances. The balanced frequency response and extremely durable materials have been engineered to provide clear, natural voicing and a unique aesthetic that will retain its good looks for decades.

Whatever type of music moves you, with the IE 600 it moves you more. Enjoy not only the notes, but also the subtle scratch of bow on string, the faint chirp of fingers gliding to the next chord on the guitar. Exquisitely neutral acoustic voicing brings your music closer, makes it more alive and vivid, yet pure and natural. Within this delicate balance, the IE 600 nevertheless manages to incorporate powerful yet fast and accurate low-end response. It’s all in a day’s work for Sennheiser’s TrueResponse transducer, the single 7 mm driver responsible for the extra-wide frequency range and ultra-low distortion of the IE 600.

- Resilient AMLOY-ZR01 amorphous metal housing, 3D-printed in Germany
- Direct, neutral tuning with fast, accurate bass
- 7 mm TrueResponse transducers
- Exceptionally neutral sound thanks to dual resonator chambers D2CA
- Gold-plated Fidelity (+) MMCX connectors for reliable connections
- Choice of para-aramid reinforced cables (3.5 mm, 4.4 mm)
- Adjustable ear hooks and choice of ear tip adapters
- Frequency response: 4 Hz – 46.5 kHz
- 0.06% THD (1 kHz, 94 dB)
- Impedance: 18 ohms

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