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Singxer SA-1 Headphone Amplifier

Singxer SA-1 Headphone Amplifier

The Singxer SA-1 is a high-performance, full-featured headphone amplifier and preamplifier based on Class A architecture and discrete, fully balanced circuitry.


Completely analog, there is no EMI interference from digital control to disrupt the audio signal.


ROHM input transistors provide very low noise and excellent performance.

The output stage uses multi-stage current amplification, similar to that found in a high-power amplifier.


Each channel has 2 pairs of 4A ON Semiconductor transistors to ensure low internal resistance and high output power.


These circuits also incorporate a complete protection system against overcurrents, overloads, short circuits as well as thermal protection, DC protection, and switch-on delay.

This SA-1 also has a complete set of connectors. The input is asymmetrical RCA and symmetrical XLR. For the headphone outputs, the amplifier offers a 4.4mm jack and 4-pole XLR balanced, and a 6.35mm jack unbalanced.


On the preamplifier output side, the SA-1 provides an unbalanced RCA output and a balanced XLR output.

In order to fit any type of headphones or earphones, whether they are high-sensitivity or high-impedance models, the SA-1 offers a choice of gain (low or high).

  • Tech Specs

    Product type: Headphone amplifier / Preamplifier
    Amplification type: Class A
    Inputs: 1x Balanced XLR / 1x Single-ended RCA
    Outputs: 1x Balanced XLR / 1x Single-ended RCA

    1x Balanced Jack 4.4mm headphone output
    1x Balanced XLR 4 poles headphone output
    1x Single-ended Jack 6.35mm headphone output

    Output power: 6480mW @ 32Ω / 2000mW @ 120Ω / 380mW @ 600Ω

    Power supply: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
    Dimensions: 234 x 170 x 46mmmm
    Color: Black
    Weight: 1.8kg

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