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SpinFit W1 Premium Earphone Eartips Single Package
  • SpinFit W1 Premium Earphone Eartips Single Package

    - Double-layered core:
    - Outer softer silicone keeps SpinFit signature comfy wearing experience.
    - Inner harder silicone makes W1 more stable when the ear tips are installed on earphones.
    - W(wave)-shaped design:
    - Reduce the pressure from outside
    - Enhance the noise isolation function.
    - Recommend earphones style-Multiple drivers and big dynamic driver earphones.
    - W1 fits perfectly on big and heavy earphones due to the stability the design gives.
    - Compatible with the same earphone groups as CP145.

    ***Please be extra careful when you need to remove the ear tips since they have extra grip on the earphone nozzles***

    All images shown are for display purposes. The actual product might vary in colors.

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