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STAX SRM-252s Amplifier

STAX SRM-252s Amplifier

The SRM-252S is an exclusive driver unit (amplifier) for driving STAX ear speakers with PRO-bias 5 pins. Its line input can directly connect to the audio output terminal of CD player, portable audio player and PC. The SRM-252S has a simple design that excels in sound quality employing the carefully selected newest high-voltage transistors and low-noise FETs.

  • Tech Specs

    Specifications: SRM-252S Driver unit 
    ●Frequency response:    DC- 35 kHz (40Vr.m.s. output SR-207, when using one unit)
    ●Rated input level:    125 mV with 100V output
    ●Maximum input level    30 V r.m.s. with volume at minimum setting
    ●Amplification:    58 dB (x800)
    ●Total harmonic distortion    max. 0.01% (1 kHz / during 100 V r.m.s. output) 
    ●Input impedance    50 kΩ (RCA) 
    ●Maximum output voltage:    280 V r.m.s. / 1 kHz 
    ●Standard bias voltage    DC580 V (PRO bias)
    ●Power consumption    DC12V, 4W/ Exclusive AC adaptor attached For your area
    ●Temperature range for use    Between 0º and 35ºC, max. 90% (no condensation)
    ●External dimensions    132 (W) × 38 (H) × 132 (D) mm (without Knob, Pin jack)
    ●Weight    540g

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