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ThieAudio Monarch MKIII Earphone IEM
  • ThieAudio Monarch MKIII Earphone IEM

    IMPACT2: THIEAUDIO's latest innovation in personalized audio with a powerful subwoofer solution using isobaric design and composite diaphragm drivers.

    Enhanced Ultra-Treble Output: The Monarch MKIII now features Sonion's electrostatic drivers and increased frequencies for a more comprehensive upper frequency extension, resulting in improved staging and resolution.

    Balanced Tonal Signature: The Monarch MKIII maintains a studio-monitor-like tonal excellence with clean, natural, and detailed sound, while offering a focused sub-bass impact.

    Improved Bass Quality: The addition of another 10mm subwoofer in IMPACT2 enhances the power and texture of the bass without compromising tonal integrity, providing better bass quality for an immersive audio experience.



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