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Topping A30 Pro
  • Topping A30 Pro

    • ▶ APX555B Limited Our Measurement Again: The THD + N of A30 Pro is no higher than 0.00006%, which means the A30 Pro accurately restores 99.99994% of the original sound, what you get is what you input.
    • ▶ Pushing The Envelope: A30 Pro uses the new specifically redesigned NFCA based circuit is optimized for terrific single ended performance. Massive paralleled high performance audio opamp architecture along with UHGF technology provides excellent DC and AC performance.
    • ▶ 4-PIN-XLR + 4.4mm +6.35mm Output: Since then, buying headphones does not have to consider whether the plug matches the headphone amplifier, because the A30 Pro already provides you all in a compact body, including 4-PIN-XLR, 4.4mm, 6.35mm.
    • ▶ ≥250Ω = Cass A: A30 Pro is designed with ample quiescent current. When the headphone impedance is greater than 250 ohms, itwill fully work in Class A operation.
    • ▶ SE + BAL Input Pass Through: When shutting down, the input signal is directly output to RCA or TRS without amplification, which will be more suitable for active speakers / monitor speakers when the DAC has pre-amplifier functions. Even better when used with D30 Pro, the excellent noise performance of D30 Pro is not wasted.
    • Tech Specs

      Product Features
      ♫ NFCA Module THD+N is as low as 0.00006%.
      ♫ Maximize single ended performance.
      ♫ Using aluminum alloy shell which made bymachining center, exquisite!

      Dimension: 17. 4cm×13.8cm×4.5cm
      Weight: 870g
      Power: 100-240VAC 50Hz/ 60Hz
      Gain: L/ M/ H
      Amplifier inputs:
      1 × XLR ( L + R )
      1 × RCA ( L + R )
      Headphone Amplifier outputs:
      1 x 6.35mm headphone output jack
      1 x XLR headphone output jack
      1 x 4.4mm headphone output jack
      Pass through outputs:
      1 x 6.35mm TRS ( L + R )
      1 X RCA ( L + R )
      Power consumption: < 9.0W

      Out Power
      16Ω 6W × 2
      32Ω 5.5W × 2
      300Ω 840mW × 2
      600Ω 420mW × 2

      Product Lists
      1 × A30 Pro unit
      1 × AC cable
      1 × 6.35mm to 3.5mm adapter
      1 × User maunel
      1 × Warrenty card

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