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Topping D90se MQA

Topping D90se MQA

The D90SE is the all-new (Summer 2021) digital-to-analog converter from TOPPING. 


Fans of the D90 will be thrilled to hear that the SE retains many of its predecessor’s best features: full balance, Bluetooth 5.0 LDAC support, six inputs, and much more. 


But it’s got a few new tricks up its sleeve as well. With an ESS SABRE ES9038 PRO DAC chip and second-gen 16-core XMOS processor, it can decode DSD1024 (Native) and PCM 32-bit/768kHz. MQA now comes standard.


Plunge into the ultimate hi-res experience

Plunge into 32-bit depth and DSD1024 for an unforgettable hi-res experience. Your favorite albums will reveal new details with the ESS SABRE ES9038PRO DAC chip. Each channel is arranged in parallel by 4 conventional balanced channels for maximum fidelity and accuracy. 


Bit-perfect audio transfer

Get bit-perfect audio playback without distortion or jitter. The XMOS 16-core XU216 microcontroller converts the highest quality digital files to analog voltage without the timing deviations that cause distortion. Plus, Asynchronous USB audio transfer and CPLD ensure jitter lower than -160dB. 


State-of-the-Art Bluetooth

Ditch the cables, not the quality. Get rich 24-bit Bluetooth 5.0 transmission with support of major lossless codecs: AAC, SBC, APTX, APTX LL, APTX HD, and LDAC. 


Multi-amp machine

Choose XLR only, RCA only, or XLR+RCA to run the signal to two different amps at once, such as a solid state and a tube amp. No more plugging and unplugging cables every time you want to switch from one amp to the other. 


Doubles as a preamp 

Use the D90SE in “DAC + Preamplifier” mode and connect a power amplifier or monitor speakers. Control the output volume on the front panel or with the remote control. 


Six inputs increase your options

Connect all of your devices to the D90SE via its six input interfaces: AES, Bluetooth, USB, Optical, Coax, and IIS. Stream Spotify or Apple Music from your phone using Bluetooth. Connect your computer or laptop via USB or IIS. Get more out of movie night by connecting your TV via IIS or optical. 


Fully-functional remote 

Use the D90SE’s fully-functional remote to control the full range of settings and options from the comfort of your couch. Switch output modes, adjust the volume, change digital filters, and more. 


Check out reviews of the D90SE from Audio Science Review, Sandu Vitalie, and more.

  • Tech Specs

    • ESS ES9038 PRO DAC chip

    • Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio Wireless certified

    • Bluetooth 5.0 support with LDAC transmission

    • 0.00005% THD+N

    • Max sampling rates: DSD1024 and PCM 32-bit/768kHz

    • MQA decoding with USB, coaxial, optical, and AES inputs

    • Selectable RCA & XLR outputs

    • 2nd generation 16-core XMOS XU216 processor

    • Plug-and-play compatibility with Windows 10 / Mac OSX / Linux / iOS / Android

    • Inputs: AES, Bluetooth, USB, Optical, Coaxial, IIS

    • Outputs: XLR, RCA

    • Customized Thesycon driver

    • Ultra low noise preamp

    • Remote control

    • 7 digital filters



    • USB IN

      • PCM: 16-32bit / 44.1 - 768kHz

      • DSD (Native): DSD64 - DSD512

      • DSD (DoP): DSD64 - DSD256

      • MQA: Renderer, MQA, MQA Studio

    • IIS IN

      • PCM: 16 - 32bit / 44.1kHz - 768kHz

      • DSD (Native): DSD64 - DSD1024

      • DSD (DoP): DSD64 - DSD256

      • MQA: Not supported

    • Coax/ Opt/ AES IN

      • PCM: 16 - 24bit / 44.1kHz - 192kHz

      • DSD (Native): Not supported

      • DSD (DoP): DSD64

      • MQA: Renderer, MQA, MQA Studio

    • Bluetooth IN


    • Line out RCA decoding parameters (USB IN @96kHz)

      • THD+N@A-wt: <0.00007% @1kHz

      • THD@No-wt 90kBw: <0.0008% @20-20kHz

      • SNR@A-wt: 127dB @1kHz 

      • Dynamic range @A-wt: 127dB @1kHz 

      • Frequency response

        • 20Hz - 20kHz (±0.1dB)

        • 20Hz - 40kHz (±0.3dB)

      • Output level

        • 2.1Vrms @0dBFS (4V Mode)

        • 2.6Vrms @0dBFS (5V Mode)

      • Noise @A-wt: <1.3uVrms 

      • Crosstalk: -124dB @1kHz

      • Channel balance: 0.3dB

      • Output impedance: 100Ω

    • Line out XLR decoding parameters (USB IN @96kHz)

      • THD+N@A-wt: <0.00005% @1kHz

      • THD@No-wt 90kBw: <0.0003% @20-20kHz

      • SNR@A-wt: 134dB @1kHz 

      • Dynamic range @A-wt: 134dB @1kHz 

      • Frequency response

        • 20Hz - 20kHz (±0.1dB)

        • 20Hz - 40kHz (±0.3dB)

      • Output level

        • 4.2Vrms @0dBFS (4V Mode)

        • 5.2Vrms @0dBFS (5V Mode)

      • Noise @A-wt: <1.1uVrms 

      • Crosstalk: -139dB @1kHz

      • Channel balance: 0.3dB

      • Output impedance: 100Ω

    • 8.7 x 6.2 x 1.7” (22.2 x 16 x 4.5cm)


    What’s included

    • D90SE

    • Remote control

    • USB cable

    • AC cable

    • Bluetooth antenna

    • User manual

    • Warranty card


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