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TruthEar Hola 11mm Dynamic Driver In Ear Monitor Earphone

TruthEar Hola 11mm Dynamic Driver In Ear Monitor Earphone

A Cost-effective Dynamic Driver In-ear Monitors

HOLA, Adopting the polyurethane suspension composite liquid crystal dome diaphragm and dual-cavity internal magnetic circuit dynamic driver of N52 magnet. Utilizing the DLP-3D printed cavity commonly used in high-end multi driver and custom earphone.

An Exceptional Driver At Such Price Tier

HOLA uses an improved 11mm internal magnetic circuit matured dynamic driver which is barely used at the same price, which can bring punchier bass diving than smaller dynamic driver under same pressure condition.

Excellent Objective Index

The linear distortion of HOLA is exceptional, with moderate bass gain and high-frequency amplitude response with kind of HRTF characteristics. HOLA is able to highly conform to IEF_Neutral_Target thanks to the improved.

The Costly New Generation DLP 3D Printing Technology

HOLA still utilize DLP 3D printing cavity from "HeyGears", which is matched with its solid opaque resin and delicate surface grinding process, which brings excellent texture and lightweight.

Driver: 11mm dynamic driver
Diaphragm: PU suspension +LCP dome composite diaphragm
Impedance: 28Ω土15% @1kHz
Sensitivity: 120dB/Vrms @1kHz
THD: THD≤0.1% @1kHz (94dB)
Frequency response: 8-46kHz ( Field)
Effective frequency response: 20-20kHz (IEC60318-4,-3dB)

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