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Ultrasonic Oblivion Headphone Amplifier

Ultrasonic Oblivion Headphone Amplifier

The topology is fully balanced, open loop (no gNFB) amp with parafeed transformer output. The input stage is single ended, followed by CCS loaded source followers that drive the output tube grids.


The grid drivers relieve the input tube of any drive duty. Tubes do only voltage amplification. Tubes do what they do best and FETs do what they do best, supply current.


The LTP output stage is perfectly balanced by using a very powerful CCS in the tail. All tube anodes are gyrator loaded. Both B+ and B- supplies are regulated.


This amp can drive most headphones from very low impedance up to high impedance with ease. It’s also capable of driving speakers.

The speaker outputs are also balanced, meaning the black terminal is not ground but is carrying signal in anti-phase to the red terminal. This is a great way to drive a speaker coil.


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