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Unique Melody MEST MKII

Unique Melody MEST MKII

MEST MKII uses double sides piezoelectric bone conduction driver. The driver is placed in between two supporting plates. At the center of the driver is the vibration board covered by ceramic coating on both the front and back.


The bone conduction driver is now has a larger contacting area with the shells (double sides contact with the shell), which largely increased the transmission efficiency and sensitivity.

dBC-s has an effective frequency response range from 500Hz to 20K Hz, which carries out a full-range refinement.



One Piece Carbon Fiber Shell

One Piece Carbon Fiber Shell—The Bone Conduction Driver's effectiveness depends on the fitting coherence and skin contact. MEST MKII utilized an ergonomic shell design for universal shells, improved the compactness significantly. The shell itself is also smaller and lighter.


Driver Configuration Design

MEST MKII utilized a quadbrid design. It uses a dynamic driver for the bass, which usually has a more natural-sounding bass than the Balanced Armature bass solution.  However, Balanced Armature drivers have the advantages in resolutions, especially for Mids and Treble.

Based on the DD plus BA hybrid design, we added two electrostatics drivers for Ultra-High Treble extension. Finally, the freshly upgraded dBC-S Dual Sides Bone Conduction System carries out a full-range refinement. The frequency range of MEST MKII can reach as high as 70kHz.

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