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Violectric HPA V281 FE

Violectric HPA V281 FE

The V281-FE (Final Edition). The V281 was our most popular headphone amp every! The Final Edition has a special front panel with a silver polished edge and the internal Xmos USB DAC option is included for free!

The HPA V281 is designed to deliver the ultimate in transmission quality on low, medium and high impedance headphones. Its optimized for dynamic headphones, variable, low-distortion and low-noise circuit technology, the HPA V281 meets the highest requirements.


The four amplifiers in the HPA V281 are elaborately constructed with 8 transistors per channel and correspond to those of the multiple test winner HPA V200! They provide an incomparably open and relaxed sound that can also be enjoyed with balanced headphones.


Furthermore, the HPA V281 offers the convenience of push-button activatable inputs and output management.

  • Tech Specs


    • Line outputs configurable fixed / variable (pre / post fader)
    • Lowest noise
    • Highest output voltage (60 Volt internal operating voltage)
    • Strongest output (best suited for low-impedance headphones - also magnetostats)
    • Highest damping factor
    • Pre-gain (5-fold pre-amplification)
    • Channel-separated structure
    • DC coupled (can be switched off)
    • ALPS RK27 high-grade volume control
    • High quality OpAmps in the signal path
    • ALPS RK27 high grade balance regulator
    • High quality MKP capacitors in the signal path
    • 0.1% and 1% metal film resistors throughout the device
    • Discretely built amplifier with 32 transistors for audio purposes
    • 4 amplifiers in the unit for true balanced headphone output
    • 2 headphone jacks, Neutrik, silver plated
    • Delayed connection / disconnection of the headphone connections via relay
    • Toroidal transformer
    • High sieve capacity in the power supply
    • Ground lift switchable
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