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ZMF Atrium Open Back Bio Cellulose Driver Headphone

ZMF Atrium Open Back Bio Cellulose Driver Headphone

Atrium [ ey-tree-uhm ] // is a Roman architectural term referring to a centrally open room often at the entrance to a space, typically with domed or otherwise pitched ceiling. With the ZMF Atrium, you get our most open design, which features our patent-pending rear damping system that accentuates stage layering, depth, tactile "feel" with realistically natural timbre.

The Atrium expands the range of spatial sound experience first incepted with the auteur (now the “auteur classic”), through its shared biocellulose driver heritage and linear ZMF tuning.

The current stock wood for the Atrium is Cherry. The Cherry is finished in either a natural or aged copper finish (for an added cost).

Impedance: 300 Ohms
Driver: Biocellulose N52 Atrium Tuned Driverr
Weight: 490g ± 30g (aluminum chassis, black grille/rods)
Aged Copper adds approx 30g
Sensitivity: ~96dB/mW

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